Maridel Trademark

Natural seafood delicacies of Kamchatka

Maridel trademark is represented by premium products, which are placed on export and domestic market.

Smoked and slightly salted sockeye salmon are made by using technologies with adding only natural ingredients. We guarantee no GMO, preservatives, dyes, or flavorings.

Maridel is the entity of culinary art.

Having tried it once, it’s impossible to stay indifferent next time.

Modern packaging preserves appetizing product appearance and perfect taste of salmon.

Every piece of smoked fillet is cut into slightest slices and manually interlayered with parchment sheets.

Maridel salmon caviar

It’s ideal because we treat every jar of caviar with heart and feeling.

Elegant taste, premium quality.

The caviar is produced from freshly caught fish with the minimum addition of preservatives.

We guarantee no flavours, flavour enhancers, dyes, or other substitutes artificially improving taste.

Wild salmon starts its life in one of the cleanest freshwater reservoirs in the world — in Kuril Lake.

The largest sockeye salmon’s spawning spot in Eurasia, a natural monument at the territory of South Kamchatka Sanctuary included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Russia.

Salmon feed on only natural food, so meat has a natural taste and contains microelements necessary for humans.

Smoked fish

Slices, 150 / 227 / 715 g

Slightly salted sockeye salmon

Slices, 150 / 300 / 500 / 950 kg

Slightly salted sockeye salmon

Fillet, 450–600 g / 600 g – 1 kg

Salted caviar

Sockeye salmon caviar

140 g

Salted caviar

Humpback salmon caviar

140 g

Smoked fish


300 g