Kamvita Trademark

High-quality fish products for a wide range of customers.

Citizens of Kamchatka know and love Kamvita — it’s always high quality, natural taste, and affordable price. We harvest fish in natural environment and process it at the site of fishery without artificial additives or flavour enhancers.

Fish products for all tastes

Sockeye salmon, halibut, walleye pollock, herring. Smoked, salted or freshly frozen… It doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Choosing Kamvita you can be sure in quality and natural flavour, whether it’s slices of smoked salmon on a festive table or cutlets made from minced fish for family dinner.

All products are made from wild fish at the site of fishery.

Vacuum package helps to preserve natural flavour.

No GMO, dyes, flavours, or flavour enhancers.

Smoked fish

Slices, 200 / 250 / 350 / 500 g

Smoked sockeye salmon

250 / 454 g

Smoked sockeye salmon and halibut

Slices, 300 g

Smoked halibut


200 / 500 g

Slightly salted sockeye salmon

Slices, 200 / 500 g

Slightly salted pacific herring

Freshly frozen fish

Sockeye salmon, humpback salmon, and walleye pollock fillet

Minced fish

Walleye pollock, sockeye salmon, humpback salmon, 1,5 kg