Corporate Group

Since 2009 Vityaz-Avto is not only a fishing company.

The management has founded Vityaz-Aero aviation company, in 2012 they established a travel company Vityaz-Travel. By the end of 2018 a hotel complex and a business center will be opened in the historical center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

Vityaz-Aero aviation company

The intention to develop local aviation appeared <nobr>because</nobr> of undeveloped ground transportation system and remoteness of company’s plants from <nobr>Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy</nobr> and from each other.

The intention to develop local aviation appeared because of undeveloped ground transportation system and remoteness of company’s plants from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy and from each other.

After receiving the certificate of operator in 2009, the company bought its first Mi-8 helicopter and started to employ professionals.

As time went by, the local air company Kamchatka Airlines joined Vityaz-Aero, which let to organize a united transportation system in difficult geographical and climate conditions.

Over time helicopter fleet has expanded to 26 units and now it is the largest one in the region.

6 heliports are constantly operating along Kamchatka Region, there is a helicopter complex and a comfortable airport.

We provide the following services: help in emergency situations, cargo transportation to ships in the open sea, transportation of cargo fastened to the external side of the aircraft, passenger transportation to remote settlements, rescue operations.

Near-term plans include creating a fuel-filling and an engineering complexes, construction of the airstrip for small aircrafts.

Safety is Our Major Priority

Flight conditions in Kamchatka are specific due to mountains and cold climate — fog, precipitation, and low clouds are usual.

Excellent piloting skill and experience are required, aircrafts must be exceptionally reliable.

We own the only full-cycle service center for aircrafts in Kamchatka.

Current repairs are maintained on our own at Nikolaevka airbase. For major repairs we send aircrafts to the leading aviation plants of Russia.

Reliability coefficient after overhaul corresponds to the one of a helicopter that came from a manufacturing plant, in fact — of a new one.

here are more than one hundred qualified pilots, engineers, aircraft mechanics, flying control officers who have extensive experience in helicopters maintenance.

They are true professionals awarded with the titles of Excellence in Air Transport, Excellent Worker of Aeroflot, Honored Pilot of Russia.

Experienced crews work for our company. The total amount of flying hours of some commanders exceeds 12 500.

The pilots have allowance to land on the heights up to 3000 meters. There are also flight instructors who teach the graduates of flying schools of Russia the specific of pilotage in Kamchatka.

Vityaz-Travel travel company

Tourism in Kamchatka must be operated together with air transportation, as there are almost no roads outside settlements, one can get to the most of tourist sites on foot or by air only.

Vityaz-Travel specializes in helicopter-trekking tours on protected territories of Kamchatka Region.

Vityaz-Travel specializes in helicopter-trekking tours on protected territories of Kamchatka Region.

Flight to the Valley of Geysers and the Uzon Caldera attending hot springs in Nalychevo Nature Park, the tour to Kuril Lake where tourists watch brown bears in natural habitat from the distance of a few meters.

Custom tours: fishing, hunting, excursions, hot springs, heli-ski…

Qualified guides speak foreign languages and are accredited by Kronotsky Reserve every year. During fishing and hunting tours guests are accompanied by guides and rangers, they live in comfortable lodges and have a personal cook.

Hotel Complex

A bright and ambitious project of the company, a hotel and a business complex on the bank of Kultuchnoye Lake, will be opened in the end of 2018.

This will be a place for tourists and businessmen: a four-star hotel with 160 rooms, most of which are with the view of Kultuchnoye Lake, conference-rooms for holding symposiums and meetings, a fitness centre with a pool, cafe and a restaurant, and a sky-bar.

One sector will resemble the shape of a volcano, when the illuminated rooftop of the sky-bar will be its crater.

At night the roof will serve as a lighthouse due to its illumination.

The office building is designed in cold hues as an ice tower.

By the idea of the architects, it resembles a lighthouse and a ship, shows the unity of opposing elements — fire and ice, lava and snow.

Near the hotel complex, on a plot of 12 000 m2 a visit-centre, exhibition hall, sports ground, and a parking will be situated.