Conquering off-road became possible owing to legendary vehicles — two-link crawler conveyors DT-30P proudly carrying the name of Vityaz.

During winter snowstorms, spring thaw, and autumn mud seasons… Vityaz vehicles came to Ozernovskiy regularly, bringing necessary goods to the remote fishing village. A grocery store was opened in the capital of Kamchatka’s salmon fishery.

The founder of Vityaz-Avto, LLC,
Igor Vladimirovich Redkin:

Being engaged in transportation business I often visited Ozernovskiy Village, where I became interested in fishery. I liked it right away: teamwork, short payback period, good prospects.

But to do this business, one had to have fish-processing capacities, which I didn’t. The management of RKZ-55 — Ozernovskiy Fish Cannery Plant — helped and leased it to me. It was difficult times, but people were lavish with help and I’m grateful to them.


Leasing of the fish processing department of RKZ-55

The administration of Ozernovskiy Settlement cooperated with an energetic businessman and issued quotas on capture of sockeye salmon and other pacific salmons in the Ozernaya River.

1997 february

Registration of Vityaz-Avto, LLC

The name of a company, which occupied its niche in fishing industry of Ust-Bolsheretskiy District, was symbolic and associated with the great vehicle that had no limits and struggled impassable terrains.


New equipment

In 1991 the company bought two South-Korean fish-processing complexes and a small fishing seiner. In 2000 the fleet was appended by three new MRS-150 seiners and three helicopters.


Expansion of producing capacities

Expansion of producing capacities.

Expansion of trade network

Trade network in Ozernovskiy expanded to three retail stores, besides, a bakery and a hotel complex opened there. Difficulties with delivery passed away: formerly goods were delivered by Vityaz vehicles only, now they are also brought by helicopters.


A new modernly equipped fish processing plant is commissioned in Ozernovskiy Settlement.


We obtained the registration number 96K, which allows to export fish products to EU countries and China.


We commissioned a fillet-producing workshop equipped with modern filleting and smoking machines of Carnitech, Maurer-Atmos, Salmco, Goliath, Shindaivo.

2012 july

The second company in Russia that got certified by MSC

MSC is a standard for sustainable fishing, safe for consumers and harmless for nature.

Today’s Vityaz-Avto is not a just fishing company

Today’s Vityaz-Avto is not a just fishing company

We are a constant partner of a social movement “To Save Salmons Together”.

We provide financial support to the Administration of Ust-Bolsheretskiy and Sobolevo districts, help the hospital in Ozernovskiy Settlement — in the 2000s we bought and installed there modern medical equipment.
In 2016 we built an indoor skating rink for the children of Zaporozhye Village. We support Kamchatka Air-Technical Sports Club ROSTO and help young sportsmen to attend national and international competitions.
In 2005–2006 the company was awarded the Golden Diploma of Philanthropist by an international charity foundation “Philanthropists of the Century” for its important contribution to the deed of strengthening the values of spirituality and mercy.

Vityaz-Avto Corporate Group includes Vityaz-Aero air company — the largest helicopter company of the region, and Vityaz-Travel travel company.