Seven high-powered coastal plants process 1200 tonnes of raw fish daily.

In 1997 Vityaz-Avto leased a workshop at the territory of Ozernovskiy RKZ plant and took first steps in fish processing.

In the 2000s the company have been expanding its geographical presence and building capacity to become today’s leader of the industry in Kamchatka.

Seven plants on the western coast of Kamchatka: in Ust-Bolsheretskiy and Sobolevskiy districts.

The entire production and technological operations are carried out on Carnitech, Maurer-Atmos, Salmco, Goliath, and Shindaivo machines.

There is the own system of quality control on the basis of HACCP, GMP, and GHP. In 2014 the company has been awarded “The Environmentally Safe Enterprise” once again.

Ozernovskiy Settlement, Rabochaya Street

Started to operate in 2006. One of the few minced fish producing lines in the Far East is set there. In 2010 a filleting department was opened

450 tonnes120 tonnes
of raw fish / dayof final products / day

Ozernovskiy Settlement, Rechnaya Street

The second plant operates in Ozernovskiy of Ust-Bolsheretskiy District in summer only.

The Koshegochek River, Ust-Bolsheretskiy District

Situated 40 km to the north from Ozernovskiy, from where they deliver raw fish if needed. The plant is in charge of fish processing and final products manufacturing.

Two own fishing grounds — on the Koshegochek and the Golygina rivers.

117 tonnes90 tonnes
of raw fish / day of final products / day

The Opala River, Ust-Bolsheretskiy District

Located on the spit between the Sea of Okhotsk and the Opala River. Raw salmon and white salmon are processed there.

The Kohl River, Sobolevskiy District

The plant is founded in 2009 and was reconstructed in 2013 — fish producing and storing were extended, total cooling capacity is 700 tonnes.

The plant is in charge of salmon processing and producing the full range of goods.

Sobolevo Village

The local branch produces products made from chum salmon, humpback salmon, sockeye salmon, coho salmon, and trout as well as salted and frozen caviar.

There were no culls in the roe processing department over the history of the plant’s existing.

Ustyevo Village, Sobolevskiy District

The company is proud of the ideal cleanliness prevailing on its plants.

The company is proud of the ideal cleanliness prevailing on its plants.

Having got to the plant, any employee or visitor undergoes sanitization, puts on clean-room garment — a robe, shoe covers, a cap, a mask, and gloves.

Sterility is maintained on all steps of producing. It applies to the product, packing material, technological equipment, and the departments of the plant. Terms of getting to a plant are the same for everyone — from an employee to the governor.

Filleting Department

Started operating in 2009 at the plant in Ozernovskiy Settlement.

Started operating in 2009 at the plant in Ozernovskiy Settlement.

Filleting and smoking equipment is the most advanced: Carnitech, Maurer-Atmos, Salmco, Goliath, Shindaivo.

Fish are sorted according to weight — only fish of fine straight shape and without excessive fat are chosen. Then they are smoked using the Canadian method and cut into thinnest slices.

In 2016 the Company got certified by the Marine Stewardship Council for all salmon caught on the eastern coast of Kamchatka.

The certificate confirms accordance to the standards of sustainable fishing, eco-friendliness, and safety of fishing on the Ozernaya River and in the Sea of Okhotsk.

All plants have certificates of supply chains, which are confirmed by audit annually.