Our Mission

The main goal is to upgrade the quality of life of Kamchatka citizens

Colleagues from Europe and the US admit that there are no such multifunctional plants as ours.

Years ago plants in Kamchatka were open only in summer, but now employees receive wages stably the whole year round and support their families. We’ve created from scratch a year-round production that gives jobs.

The main goal is to upgrade the quality of life of Kamchatka citizens

One day, despite high costs, we made a bet on the development of coastal fish processing.

This made it possible to increase the living standard in coastal settlements. Nowadays, during the “pink salmon” peak year about three thousand people are employed in fish production, during the odd year it’s about one and a half thousand.

Igor Vladimirovich Redkin,
the Director-General:

The experts of Vityaz-Avto have attentive attitude towards their responsibilities, they work for customers. Every colleague of mine is a high-level specialist.

We’ve developed a good reputation in 20 years. The company occupies one of the leading positions in fishery industry of Kamchatka Krai.

I appreciate the opinion of everyone who is acquainted with our products — of colleagues, partners, customers. That’s why the greatest joy is when people, including ordinary customers, commend our work.

Ozernovskiy Settlement

It is called the capital of Kamchatka’s salmon fishery.

Ozernovskiy is the first and the main site of Vityaz-Avto. From the neighbouring Zaporozhye Village in the beginning of the 20th century the developing of the eastern coast of Kamchatka has started.


Vityaz-Avto’s own bakery has been supplying the residents of Ozernovskiy and Zaporozhye villages for many years.

The bakery is an endowment enterprise, Vityaz-Avto supports it as an important social object.

Grocery stores

The stores are located in Ozernovskiy, Sobolevo and Pauzhetka settlements.

There are more than a thousand of items in the range of goods of the Vityaz store № 4 opened in 2003, while prices for meat and bread are lower there than in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.


The bath, constructed in 2016 in Ozernovskiy, became a gift for the entire village. This is a Korean sauna built “turnkey” and brought from abroad.

There are Russian and Finnish saunas, a hammam, two pools — with hot and cool water. The price includes using bathrobes, towels, slippers, toiletries, and birch and oak brooms.

The bath-house is a part of residential complex for the workers of the fishery plant, but it’s popular among all residents of the village — young people, adults with children, and retired persons.


In 2003 a hotel for visitors and business partners of Vityaz-Avto was opened in the former dormitory building in Ozernovskiy.

It offers five suites, a sauna, swimming pool, lounge, kitchen, dining room, banquet hall and a cinema. There are an autonomous boiler room and a diesel generator for constant power and heat supply.


In 2014 a cathedral in honor of Saint Basil the Great was opened in Ozernovskiy. Remote location of the settlement, difficulties with transportation, and severe climate didn’t become obstacles for that noble goal.

The construction began in 2011 with donations of parishioners, funds of the fish processing companies Vityaz-Avto and RKZ-55. Timber and domes arrived by steamer, a group of workers arrived too. The iconostasis was ordered from Yaroslavl. The foundation was consecrated by Bishop Artemius.

There is a Sunday school for children; parishioners are engaged in church singing. Sponsored by Vityaz-Avto, local children attend an orthodox camp of the Diocese of Petropavlovsk and Kamchatka.


“To take care of those you live with and work together” is the credo of the company.

We provide sponsor support to settlements, schools, kindergartens, and hospitals at the areas of presence: Ust-Bolsheretskiy, Sobolevskiy, and Bystritsky districts.

In Esso and Ozernaya we helped to build schools, in Ust-Bolsheretskiy District — to pave roads.

The employees of the company organize festive events in municipal Palaces of Culture for local residents.

Children from low-income families attend recreational camps — travel costs are fully covered.

Sponsored by the company, a cathedral is being constructed in Sobolevo Village.

At the request of the Head of Administration of Ust-Bolsheretskiy District permanent 6-months food supply is maintained in Ozernovskiy Settlement in case of natural disasters and emergency.

We help young Kamchatka’s sportsmen to attend national and international competitions.

We support Kamchatka Air-Technical Sports Club ROSTO and the public organization “Kamchatka’s Taekwondo Union”.

Taking part in environmental protection.

We support the regional institution “Volcanoes of Kamchatka Nature Park” and the Kamchatka Regional Public Fund “To Save Salmons Together”, besides, we sponsor the “No Poaching in the South of Kamchatka” project.

It’s more than 10 years that we’ve been cooperating with the Red Cross charitable organization.