Natural taste of Kamchatka delicacies

Smoked salmon, slightly salted salmon, salted pink salmon caviar, chum salmon caviar, and sockeye salmon caviar. Pure taste without GMO, dyes, flavours, and preservatives.

Wild pacific salmon products made at the site of fishery

We harvest wild pacific salmon in natural environment. All our products meet the world standards of environmental friendliness and quality.

Bet on advanced technologies

Eight fish processing plants are equipped according to European standards. We use our own system for current products quality control.

85 kinds of export quality fish products

Sockeye salmon, smoked and slightly salted halibut, minced fish, freshly frozen fish, slightly salted herring, salted caviar.

Multiple winners of the Russian Quality Mark Award. Participants of international fishery exhibitions.

Brands that are familiar to everyone. Fish that is loved by locals!

All smoked and slightly salted fish products undergo salting process and contain no more than 3% of table salt.

We guarantee no flavours, flavour enhancers, dyes, or other substances artificially improving the taste.

We use natural smoke from Canadian maple to add flavour.

Low content of resin prevents the product from presence of phenols, benzopyrenes, formaldehydes, and other harmful substances.